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Lenses for All Situations

When you visit one of our five locations, our primary goal is to help you look and see your best. After your eye appointment, we will assist you in selecting the right kind of lenses for your lifestyle and needs. We carry a wide range of brands for you to select from, as we know that all lenses are not the same. Modern lenses are a result of extensive research and development. Our team is dedicated to finding the right lenses for you.


Lenses from ZEISS focus on helping you see better. You get to choose from a wide range of products such as single vision lenses, digital lenses, progressive glasses, lenses for driving and much more according to your requirements.


With a drive for innovation and development, Hoya Vision uses extensive research and cutting-edge technology to manufacture lenses suitable for everyone. They have a unique range of lenses from single vision lenses to light reactive lenses.


Whether you want glasses to correct your vision or protect your eyes from the glare of screens, Nikon has a pair of lenses that fit every part of your life. They offer collections such as e-life Series NEO, See series and more.


Using cutting-edge technologies, Shamir’s progressive and performance lenses will best suit your unique needs. As a technological innovator in the field of optics, they are a globally recognized leader in sports, occupational and custom-designed lenses.

DR Lenses

DR Lenses are manufactured by ZEISS and match the exacting standards set by Eye Recommend. These lenses are also exclusive to Eye Recommend optometrists. Our doctors are members of Eye Recommend, a premier eye care cooperative.

Lens Materials & Qualities

There is a variety of different materials, with different traits, commonly used to make lenses. These textiles and traits include:


Hard resin: This material is more impact-resistant than glass, but comparatively lighter. It is easier to scratch.

Polycarbonate: This material is impact-resistant and lighter than others, making it ideal for active patients. It also absorbs UV radiation.

Trivex: This material is impact-resistant, durable and provides UV resistance

Glass: This material is the most scratch-resistant among the other materials available. But it is a comparatively heavier option and cannot be used in approved safety eyewear.

Photochromic: This material protects your eyes as it darkens in the sun. We carry products from a range of brands such as Transitions Vantage, ZEISS, Photofusion, Sensity by Hoya and more.

Lens Designs

In addition to providing multiple materials, there are also different kinds of lens designs, such as:


Single vision: These lenses function as all-purpose glasses, which can be worn during any activity.

Aspheric lenses: These lenses provide an ultra-thin look and are flatter than conventional lenses

Flat top bifocals: These lenses offer older style bifocal designs of varying widths. They can be made of any material.

Franklin style bifocals: These lenses come in a thicker design and are available in glass, hard resin and photochromic glass.

Trifocals: These are a common type of lenses that allow arms-length vision precluded by bifocals. They are available in all materials.

Progressives: If you are looking for cosmetically appealing lenses, try progressives. They provide clear vision at all distances and can be made in all materials.

Occupational: These lenses address the demanding visual requirements of those in certain jobs who wear bifocals and trifocals.

Treatment Options

Your lenses can be specially treated to match your needs. These options include:


Scratch-resistant coating: The coating is applied to reduce the likelihood of scratches on the lens.

UV protection: An extra coating is applied to protect your eyes from ultraviolet radiation.

Anti-reflection/glare coatings: These coatings help in reducing eye fatigue and are suitable for night driving. Learn more.

Polarized glasses: These coatings are applied on sunglasses and help eliminate reflected glare.

Blue light lenses: These coatings help comfort the eye against blue light from digital screens such as cell phones, computers and tablets. Read more.


If you want to discuss lens options that are not mentioned in the above sections, contact our team. We will help you find the perfect lens material for your exact requirements.

Seeking Out the Perfect Type of Glasses?

Consult with our optometrists to learn how the right lens can help you.

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