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High-quality Eye Frames for All Styles

The type of glasses frame that suits you best is a matter of personal style and preference; however, when choosing a lens for you, it is always best to consider your facial shape and structure. Generally speaking, there are seven different facial structures; so, in order to find the right frames for your face, identifying this parameter is a great jumping-off point. These face types include:






Upward-angled Triangle

Downward-angled Triangle

What We Offer

Women’s Frames: We carry a wide range of brands and designs that flatter the shape of your face and match your personality.

Men’s Frames: We have the right frames that provide a sophisticated or casual look, while helping you achieve the look you desire to portray.

Children’s Frames: We have a range of light and trendy frames for children that are stylish but practical and tough as well to keep up with their lifestyle.

Safety Glasses: Our range of protective eyewear can be used to keep your eyes safe at your worksite.

Sports Glasses: Whether you want to look good on the field or protect your eyes from the sun and dust, we have a wide variety of frames for the sportsperson in you.

Computer Anti-glare: When you spend hours in front of the screen, your eyes need protection from the glare. Take a look at our collection of anti-glare eyewear.

Selection of Frames

Keeping current with ever-changing trends and optical science, we provide eyeglass frames from some of the popular brands. Whether you want to choose from Laibach and York’s limited edition styles and custom colour frames or State’s high-quality frame line with engaging and modern styles and colours, we have it all. We also have a classic, quality products from Jaguar as well as Lafont. EasyClip®’s sunglass clips and Safilo Elasta’s venerable 3022 and 3055 models which offer a focus on quality, adding value with their timeless and classic styles (at least two of the Safilo Elasta models have been in constant production since 1970). Other lines to note because of the high-quality they offer are Vanni, Koali, Silhouette and Tura, and for its interesting artwork, we have AYA. For the most part, almost none of our lines are available online, and there are a few licensed brands. Walk into our store to take your pick.


John Lennon
Vera Wang
Calvin Klein


Alfred Sung
Perry Ellis

Our experienced team of opticians and optometric assistants is ready to answer any questions you may have and to help you determine the ideal eyewear for your personal taste, lifestyle and overall needs. Thanks to our on-site laboratory, we are able to provide outstanding service with top-quality workmanship. Naturally, all glasses undergo quality control to ensure prescription accuracy prior to being dispensed. The goal is to provide you with an optimal eye care experience, allowing you to see clearly and be happy with your appearance. Call us today.

Looking For The Perfect Set Of Frames?

Our team of opticians is ready to help you find the perfect fit.

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