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Adult Vision Screening and Care

Eye exams go way beyond checking for 20/20 visual acuity - we also address the health of your eyes through thorough comprehensive exams. Our optometric professionals provide services to identify and treat a wide range of vision-related issues. We always recommend that adults with healthy eyes and no history of issues get eye checkups every two years. Based on your eye health, we offer personalized eye exams for all your vision needs.

Common Issues

There are many common issues that are identified through proper eye examinations. Amongst these issues are the following:





Common Eye Diseases

There are several common eye diseases that can affect adults such as:



Retinal detachment

Macular degeneration

In our eye exams, we look for any signs of eye issues or diseases. We believe that early detection of eye disease will decrease the risk of vision loss.

Have You Had Your Annual Eye Exam?

Stay healthy and avoid future issues with comprehensive eye care.

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